Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tak bersemangat....nya

Hari ni...aku tak bersmangat nak menyemak... walaupun berazam untuk menyiapkan sebelum kenduri sepupu ku sabtu nanti. Argh...hhhhhhh, Told my friend about it.. and my friend reply me with the motivstion words...
The winning horse doesn't know why it runs in the race...
but it knows it runs faster because of the beats and pains.
The largest your pains are, the stronger you become...
Life is race, God is yourRider, the harder He beats you,
the stronger He make you to be so... don't be sad and stress but,
be a winning horse. Life is sometimes dificult but always possible.

Thanks... friend... even you know it hard to accept you in my life... but the stronger you make me touch by the words and the way you care of me.
Kawwan ku yang tak pernah putus asa dan sentiasa positif walaupun aku sendiri memaklumkan dari awal... i am not his. huhuhuhu..........

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