Saturday, August 28, 2010

# Ways to boost your confident..

Mood tengah tak betul sebab belum dapat balik lagii..... sekali harung tiga entry yang saya copy dari yahoo saya masukkan........................

Here's one of my favorite stories: when one of my friends was a little girl, her mom took her out for one of those special mother-daughter days. My friend looked around the room of the restaurant they were seated in and said, "Mom, that woman is acting beautiful, even though she isn't." If there was ever any doubt about it, our behavior really does influence the way others see us. A child might notice a discrepancy between confidence and physical beauty (they say the darndest things!), but an adult would likely take the behavior as fact. Because she herself was convinced of it, the woman in the restaurant was a knock out. Here are three ways to get such enviable confidence flowing yourself.

Set yourself an achievable goal.
Confidence comes from competence (at least that's one of the places it comes from). Set yourself up for success with an achievable goal, like running a 5K or organizing your digital photos. Or give yourself several smaller goals, like cleaning out a junk drawer, making a dreaded phone call, or making it to the gym five times in one week. It doesn't matter what the goals are. What matters is the feeling of satisfaction that comes from setting out to do something, and then doing it. So what do you want to accomplish today, this week, this month?

What does confidence look like?
Picture the people who you think seem most confident. What is it about Michelle Obama, Susan Sarandon, and Phylicia Rashad (a few of my models)? Your confidence models don't even have to be real people. They could be characters in your favorite books, like Anne of Green Gables and Elizabeth Bennet (okay, a few more of personal faves). What is it about these women that so appeals to you? Notice the way they speak, the way they hold themselves, the way they sit. What are the outward trappings of confidence that you would like to have yourself? Pretend you're a scientist, and really study was confidence looks like.

Fake it till you make it.

I used to have complicated feelings about this phrase. Who wants to fake confidence? We want to actually be confident. But strangely, faking it works. Whether "it" is confidence, romantic feelings towards your partner at the end of a bad day, wanting to go to the gym, or whatever, at some point you drop the act. You forget you're supposed to be acting confident and you just are. Think of it this way: It's like getting to the gym. You don't want to go, but to get yourself there, you pretend that you really can't wait to pound it out on the treadmill. Afterward, when you're glowing, happy, and filled with a sense of vitality and accomplishment, it doesn't matter whether you faked the motivation that got you there or not. The end result was the same, and you got to reap the benefits.

Kegemukan..... untuk peringatan buat diri sendiri yang gemuk..........

Article ini juga saya ambil dari Yahoo...................

Obesity: Causes and effects on the body


Incidence: As per the W.H.O. report, 30% of the people in western countries are
suffering from obesity. Out of the 6 billion people in the world, 1 billion are
obese people. The other side of it is 1billion people are without sufficient
food and living in poverty. Obesity epidemic is gradually on rise in developing
countries also due to fast growing economies.

Obesity Causes:

1. Modern life: Due to sedentary habits with little exercise is the main reason
behind increased incidence of Obesity.
2. Fast food restaurants: These restaurants are growing in number in leaps and
bounds. People are taking more junk and fatty foods. Due to these diet habits,
more fat is stored in the body causing obesity.
3. Alcohol causes fatty liver and thereby more fat is stored in the body.
Patient becomes obese.
The main trouble with many people is they consider obesity as a cosmetic problem
rather than disease. But the truth is obesity is a chronic disease due to
deposition of more fat in the body.
The important thing is over weight is not a disease but obesity is a disease.
But the line of differentiation between the two is very thin.
4. Experts opinion:
A famous doctor says that obesity simply a bad news for both body and mind.
Another doctor says: Asians have more body fat, is not that they eat more but
move less.
5. Other Causes of Obesity:
A. Increasing affluence
B. Little outdoor activity
C. Spending more time watching television and playing computer games.
6. Emotions: Can they cause obesity, but how?

People tend to eat more, when they are;

1. Upset
2. Anxious
3. under stress
4. Feel boredom.
To quell these feelings they eat more. This becomes a vicious cycle.
7. Hereditary: Small parts of the DNA that people inherit from their parents
that determine the weight gain in them. These genes do not tell our body how to
utilize extra calories.
8. Nutrition and pregnancy: One theory is that when children are under nourished
in the womb of their mother, when become adults, they usually develop abdominal
fat, even with the normal diet. This put them at greater risk of obesity related
9. In Asians: Asians evolved a so called ‘’thrift gene’’ after living for
thousands of years under near-famine conditions. Their bodies are,
paradoxically, metabolically, efficient to deal with the relative abundance of
modern life. It is a genetic trait.

Effects of Obesity on the body:
Obesity causes following diseases:
1. Diabetes
2. Heart problems
3. Rise in blood pressure
4. Incidence of some cancers is more in Obese people.

How to control Obesity:

1. Doing exercise – Walking is the best and simple exercise.
2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
3. Taking less fatty foods.
4. Meditation and Yoga
5. Controlling stress and strain

Saya ambil dari yahoo...
Gambar lain kali saya masukan................

Bedbugs are all over the news -- and apparently, they're all over these 15 cities. Number one on the list? New York City -- SELF's home base! They've been found in office buildings (thankfully not ours!), hospitals, hotels, theaters and even the Empire State Building. And the bloodsuckers hide in mattresses, furniture, clothing ... blech. Is anyone else suddenly itchy?
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But it's not just NYC that's being bitten -- bedbugs are a growing problem nationwide. According to the National Pest Management Association, bedbug-related calls to exterminators have jumped by 81 percent in the last 10 years and 57 percent over the last five years.

The good news is that unless you have serious underlying health issues, the critters aren't likely to make you sick. Still, they gross us out. So we asked Missy Henriksen, Vice President of Public Affairs for the National Pest Management Association, where bedbugs hide and what we can do to steer clear. The top spots:

IN HOTEL ROOMS...How to avoid the suckers: If you are traveling, thoroughly inspect the entire hotel room before unpacking, including pulling back the sheets, inspecting mattress seams, checking behind the headboard and examining sofas and chairs. If any pests -- or potential evidence of pests -- are spotted, change rooms or hotels, pronto. If you do change rooms, DO not move to an adjacent room or one directly above or below the infestation. Bedbugs are hitchhikers and can move via housekeeping carts, luggage carts, luggage and even through wall sockets.

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IN DRESSING ROOMS...How to avoid the suckers: Bedbugs have proven to have fabulous fashion sense -- recently, they've been found in several popular retail stores. When trying on potential new items, be sure to hang your clothing on hooks rather than lay them then across the cushioned seats in the dressing room or on the carpeted floors.

As much as you want to wear that adorable new top immediately, resist the urge and wash or dry clean it first (bedbugs can't withstand temperatures higher than 113 degrees). This minimizes the potential that you'll bring a bedbug home with you.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Waiting................... for what?
Waiting...................  for hari raya?
I don't think so. So.. Waiting for what?
Just wait and see... what will be happen after hari raya... But i am's only a before........
Ya Allah..permudahkanlah segalanya.... Amin

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sejak dari semalam keboringan melanda hidup.......... Semalam keboringan itu terisi dengan bergayut with"                 "someone" and ke bazaar ramadhan gara2 tak de duit dalam purse... so ambil duit and settlekan bil2 yang tertentu.. sebelum saya lupa nak bayar ...
Semalam... ingatkan nak hang out dengan Gen and Zubah.. tetapi sebab duit tak de kenalah bertolak ke Mukah awal and berbaris di bank .... Lepas tu baru ke Bazaar Ramadhan.... cousins... my sisters.. my pal... and terjumpa juga dengan Gen and Zubah there. Sorry Gen.... next time kita hangout bersama

Hari ini............ tak tau lagi nak buat cam mana... tapi kena tunggu cikgu yang dah buat appointment dgn saya dulu.... sebelum boleh berfikir activity yang boleh dibuat hari ni... tapi kalau balik rumah tidur pun best jugakkan..................................... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

layan gambar ajelah...

Dapat dari Yahoo... 8 perkara yang tetamu takkan beritahu kat kita.....

oppppssssss.... tiga ni aje gambar yang ada... mana gi 5 lagi yea.... tafsirlah sendiri....
di sebalik gambar2 tu.. yea..... 

Hari Yang Kurasakan Kosong

Rabu........... entah tak ada apa yang istimewa saya keboringan dari pagi sampai ke waktu petang. Tertengok..purse... duit tinggal RM4 aje. Aduhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Malasnya nak ke Mukah.. Tapi nak buat cam mana. Before 12 noon... saya menghantar budak perempuan yang pengsan dalam kelas ke rumahnya. Saya jenis sampai hati saya tengok aje orang angkat budak tu... walaupun saya nampak 3 orang tu tak larat nak angkat dia. Kejam betul saya.
Petang ni.. saya cuba bertahan di sekolah.. tapi maccam tak sanggup aje.... mata pun macam nak lelap aje...
 Ni pun mood langsung tak de nak berblogging ni... Tapi.... nak juga ada entry. huhuhu

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Permulaan Minggu Yang Meletihkan

Hari ni dah selasa. Terasa masa hari ni amat lambat berlalu. Boring sesangat tetapi sebenarnya..banyak perkara yang perlu diselesaikan. Semalam Isnin... seperti biasa semput dengan tugasan di awal minggu.

Hari ini saya perlu menyelesaikan beberapa perkara.. tetapi kena ketepikan dulu demi untuk menyemak answer script Pendidikan Islam. Target malam ni saya akan menyiapkan keputusan Tingkatan Lima. kalau berjaya memang rekod untuk diri sendiri..berjaya menyiapkan answer script dalam masa sehari.... walau hanya satu kelas diajar tapi boleh tahan juga rasanya mata ni melihat tulisan bebudak yang teramat lawa dan   jawapan yang entah apa2 dibuat oleh student saya.  Good Luck untuk saya

Pelan untuk penempatan sementara pelajar Tingkatan enam semasa PMr berjalan dah siap cuma belum cantik dan kemas lagi. Tulisan atangan yang buruk... ataskertas ccontengan aje. esok kena tunjuk kat Boss.... sempat ke saya nak buat................. aduhhhhhhhhhhh.

Semalam... emosi banyak and jadi drama queen sekejap...  Nasib baik kerja siap.

Halwa telinga