Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hopefully i am back to mytrack.

And today... i am SMILE when the PPD said.

"Congratulation SMK Oya on ur SPM result"

Alhamdulillah... then... I am checked

my beloved Pendidikan Islam result...

Alhamdulillah ...   this is the best result for  the quality of

Pendidikan Islam. 25 orang dapat A.  Sebelum ni paling ramai pun hanya 22 orang sahaja.

and  19 of them is from my class. Syukur teramat

At least hati ini terubat jugalah......

Thanks  Nur Intan Nazihah.... and Nur Isnawati.. for breaking the record for me.

And thanks to all students. At least ada penawar untuk setiap kelukaan yang saya

tempuhi especially last year....

Hope this is the starting point for my Pendidikan Islam to get better result

in future.......

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