Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hasil saya dapat dalam yahooo..

Malam ni... really feel  moody and can't do  and  prepare anything for tomorrow... Mean i have to do everything at school tomorrow. So... I found somethings n yahooo that really useful and related with  the sittuation now..

22 Ways to Fight Rising Food Prices

But when i go throught it... i found that it's hard to do it... because i like hanging out side rather than at home....

1. Eat at Home
2. Shop With a Plan
4. Eat Before You Shop
5. Avoid Prepared Foods
6. Skip the Bottled Water
7. Shop Without the Kids
8. Buy in Bulk
9. Use Store Reward Cards
10. Use Coupons
11. Buy Locally
12. Look Down
13. Avoid the End Caps and Checkout Temptations
14. Compare Prices and Stores
15. Shop for Sales
16. Watch 'Best Before' or 'Sell By' Dates
17. Substitute Recipe Items
18. Keep Your Kitchen Stocked
19. Shop Infrequently
20. Pay Attention to Time
21. Pay In Cash
22. Check Your Bill

The other thing that make me laugh is....

6 Little Things That Cost a Lot

It's really interesting to read about it....  Because semua nya not related to me.... because
1.  There is no Pizza Delivery or Pizza Restaurant at my place
2.  Coffee.... .  I am alergic with the coffee.... I can't drink it. Donut... it's only cost me RM 1 or RM2 for that
3.  Smoking... That not me... I am not a smoker
4.  Manicure.. Lagi lah tak masuk akal.... dekat tempat macam ni mana ada benda2 macam tu....
5.  Kalau tak lunch at work.. takkan nak bali rumah.. Lagilah tinggo cost minyak yang semakin meningkat
6.  Golf.... not for me.................. hahahahha

Tengok... i can smile and laugh alone  when i read his two articles..... heheheheh

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