Saturday, August 28, 2010

# Ways to boost your confident..

Mood tengah tak betul sebab belum dapat balik lagii..... sekali harung tiga entry yang saya copy dari yahoo saya masukkan........................

Here's one of my favorite stories: when one of my friends was a little girl, her mom took her out for one of those special mother-daughter days. My friend looked around the room of the restaurant they were seated in and said, "Mom, that woman is acting beautiful, even though she isn't." If there was ever any doubt about it, our behavior really does influence the way others see us. A child might notice a discrepancy between confidence and physical beauty (they say the darndest things!), but an adult would likely take the behavior as fact. Because she herself was convinced of it, the woman in the restaurant was a knock out. Here are three ways to get such enviable confidence flowing yourself.

Set yourself an achievable goal.
Confidence comes from competence (at least that's one of the places it comes from). Set yourself up for success with an achievable goal, like running a 5K or organizing your digital photos. Or give yourself several smaller goals, like cleaning out a junk drawer, making a dreaded phone call, or making it to the gym five times in one week. It doesn't matter what the goals are. What matters is the feeling of satisfaction that comes from setting out to do something, and then doing it. So what do you want to accomplish today, this week, this month?

What does confidence look like?
Picture the people who you think seem most confident. What is it about Michelle Obama, Susan Sarandon, and Phylicia Rashad (a few of my models)? Your confidence models don't even have to be real people. They could be characters in your favorite books, like Anne of Green Gables and Elizabeth Bennet (okay, a few more of personal faves). What is it about these women that so appeals to you? Notice the way they speak, the way they hold themselves, the way they sit. What are the outward trappings of confidence that you would like to have yourself? Pretend you're a scientist, and really study was confidence looks like.

Fake it till you make it.

I used to have complicated feelings about this phrase. Who wants to fake confidence? We want to actually be confident. But strangely, faking it works. Whether "it" is confidence, romantic feelings towards your partner at the end of a bad day, wanting to go to the gym, or whatever, at some point you drop the act. You forget you're supposed to be acting confident and you just are. Think of it this way: It's like getting to the gym. You don't want to go, but to get yourself there, you pretend that you really can't wait to pound it out on the treadmill. Afterward, when you're glowing, happy, and filled with a sense of vitality and accomplishment, it doesn't matter whether you faked the motivation that got you there or not. The end result was the same, and you got to reap the benefits.

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